Texture Wall Paint

texture wall paint


From RM8/sqft

Gone were the days where your wall only serve it’s very own purpose, to support the building and act as a partition. With Texture Wall Paint, you can now decorate your wall and transform the space, give it a vibrant look and feel.

Textured walls have become a growing trend because they can take on a myriad of aesthetics from fine linen to bold geometric forms. There are countless unique texture wall design, and if pair with different colors combination, you’ll definitely find the one that represent you and your home. 

Types Of Texture wall paint

Diamond Effect

Add a little “bling” to your wall with our diamond effect. Create an exclusive wall with this effect or add it to your ceiling for a starry look is also possible. With wide selection of colours, the possibilities are huge with this effect.

Sparkling Effect

This effect will definitely bring out the best of any wall with the intense pattern. Also with the added bonus of sparkle under bright lighting conditions to add that extra shine to your wall.

Metalic Effect

With much soothing patterns, the metallic effect adds a metallic looking finish to a wall to create a contemporary outlook for any home. You can’t go wrong with this effect if you seek a more contemporary approach for your lifestyle.

Cement Effect

A popular choice by default due to the flexibility of this effect. A simple fit for any design concept without compromising the beauty aspect of a wall. This effect will also be able to create a very comfortable living space with little effort.

Stone Effect

This effect will be very well suited for those who seek to get closer to nature. However due to their ease of use, they can also be a very versatile effect to use in any modern homes.

Marble Effect

Smooth and slightly reflective. The marble effect as its name suggests, simulates marble surfaces. Using natural products, this effect creates that smooth surface which is nice to touch and easy on the eyes.