5 Ways to Identify a Great Texture Wall Painter

5 Ways to Identify a Great Texture Wall Painter

“It had been more than 5 years since your last painting work at home and the previous paint is getting dull and boring”.

If this is what you are feeling now, then it’s time to give your wall a new lease of life. A brand new wall painting can create much excitement to your current life especially the wall texture painting. Wall texture paint is a little detail that can make a big difference in your home appearance as it can be used to add shadow, depth and structure to a space.

If you are planning for a professional texture wall painter for your home, it is crucial to know that you are engaging the right one. Untrained and unprofessional wall painter will only create much troubles to you in future rather than beautifying your home.

Look out for this 5 points to identify the best texture wall painter in town.

  1. Positive Review from Genuine Customers

Check their Facebook profile, read their Google review and trying going thru the comments from their previous customers. Make sure they are receiving great reviews from the crowd. People nowadays love bragging bad experience with the company in the Net, so if the contractor that you are going to engage is of not so good reputation, you will be able to unveil the truth thru the Net.

  1. Showcase Real Work

Before engaging any contractor, get them to show you their REAL photos from their previous projects. Some companies love grabbing the fabulous & gorgeous images from the Net and show them to the clients claiming that the final outcome will be similar to the images which is not true at most of the time.

  1. Deliver Their Promises

Good texture wall painters deliver their job as promised. They do not overpromise the clients. If things are impossible to be done, they will be frank to you. If the contractor told you that they could turn a duck into a swan, then please be cautious with them!

  1. Not Delaying the Deadline

When you start asking for a deadline and the contractor is telling you, “Besok (Tomorrow)”, “Lusa (Day After Tomorrow)”, “Minggu Depan (Next Week)” and bla bla bla. Then, you should start worrying. You might not be able to get your wall done in time. Good texture wall painters will be able to calculate & estimate the duration of time they need based on the size of your area and the requirement.

  1. Ensure the Cleanliness of Your Home

Who loves a messy home? We know even a simple renovation will cause a house to be dusty and in a mess, but a good contractor will ensure the minimal mess in your house after their job are done.

Do not have a trustworthy painter? Then, you should try out iPainter, one of the best texture wall painter in town. When we said best, we really meant it! In iPainter, we not only staffed with a team of trained, knowledgeable painters, but we also pay attention to fulfil your needs. From being flexible to your schedule or business hours to our free, personalized quote, our service and quality workmanship makes us stand out from our local competition. We treat every home as if it were our own.



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