Choosing the Right Paint for Your Home

Choosing the Right Paint for Your Home

Have you ever wondered why there are times where we need to apply the paint numerous times on the same spot before it actually covered the previous paint color? Or, why do some paints take a longer drying times? If any of these questions popped up before in your mind, then you are in the right place as you will be able to find the answer in this article.

Paint is a mixture of 4 ingredients which are the pigments, resins, solvents and also additives. Pigments form the color of the paint, resin is the binder and solvent is the ingredient that makes the paint to stay liquid and evaporate as the paint dries. Meanwhile, additives provide specific performance characteristics, such as our all-time favorite; the stain blocking.

The reason why sometimes we need to re-coat the wall numerous times is because the cheap paints contain a higher percentage of solvents per volume and this resulted up to 50% less pigment and resin. Therefore, after you applied the paint to your wall, the solvent evaporated and leave little pigment behind.

Deciding the color of the paint is important but it is much more vital to take into account on the type of paint used as it will affect the lifespan of your new paint.

Oil-Based Paint vs. Water-Based Paint

The oil-based paint is widely used previously as it is claimed to be long lasting finish that is easy to clean and provide smooth application. It probably is not the best choice anymore. We usually recommend people to use the water- based paint (also known as latex paint) instead as it is much more environmental friendly compared to oil-based.

The oil-based paint contains high level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are harmful to human and when inhaled, can lead to health problems. Besides that, the oil paint takes longer time to dry and thus delays your renovation work. Older generations love using the oil paint with the reason that it is tough enough to be bumped and scrubbed.

But, do you know that most of the water-based paint today comes with washable formulas, which means it can also stand up to being cleaned regularly. If you have small children at home, then this is your best option. You can simply take a wet cloth to clean off the scribbles on the water-based paint. Besides that, the latex paint contains little or no VOCs making it a better choice. As the latex paint dries quickly, you could also reduce the time needed for renovation.

Texture Wall Painting

Understanding the needs of wall & you is very important to us. With a wide range of textured wall painting designs, we can help to transform your wall beautifully. At iPainter, we always listen to our customers, taking their opinions into account and providing useful advices on the type of paint & designs along the journey.  So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to give your old walls a new lease of life!

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