Textured Wall Painting: Best for Both Exterior & Interior

Textured Wall Painting: Best for Both Exterior & Interior

Textured wall painting is the latest home design trend. Some might wonder what makes them so popular. The reason is simple, plain wall is just too boring and wall sticker is not durable.

Textured wall painting is actually a “special effect” for walls. Well- trained painters can help in creating awesome patterns on your walls just by using special strokes and some tools such as sponges, special brushes and so on. Many just love applying this technique to the exterior walls to create the rustic feel.

Do you know that, besides exterior wall, people also often use the textured wall painting on the interior wall? A textured wall is much more durable compared to the smooth wall as it is less affected by minor scratches or dirts. Besides that, the bumps created using the textured paint also helps to reflect light and create shadow. Thus, making the ordinary walls less “boring” and help brings out character to the space as well.

You can even use textured wall painting to create the illusion of bigger space. Horizontal stripes are really good for adding scale to a space. Sometimes, the small cracks on the walls is a sore to the eyes. Adding texture to your interior walls can easily cover the minor flaws on your walls.

It is easy to create a texture on your wall with 3 simple steps;

  1. To apply the base coat of paint.
  2. To apply the special texture paints or ordinary paints.
  3. After that, you can start creating your very own texture design using some simple tools such as brush, sponge, spatula or even a roller brush.

Sometimes, it is a great idea to DIY the wall with your loved ones. But, if you are starting to get frustrated as you could not achieve the wall textured design that you have been longing for, then it’s time to call in professional help. Textured wall painting requires great uniform and good craftsmanship. iPainter is a fully licensed and insured home and commercial painting contractor. We are also one of the best texture wall painter in the town.

Rest assured when you hand over your home to us as our teams will handle it with care and ensure the cleanliness of your house. We hate delaying our customers, therefore, if we promise to deliver within a time frame, we will do it! Besides that, our customers are also free to choose any preferred paint brand.

If you just got your new office or house, but do not know where to start with for the renovation? Feel free to contact iPainter as we offer free consultation to our customers. Our great service and quality workmanship makes us stand out from others!

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