Creating Beautiful Wall Textured Paint Using Daily Essential Items


Bored of looking at your old plain wall and want to have something different? Then, you are in the right place. In this article we will be introducing you to the new hot trend which is the texture wall paint. Pretty sure, some of you might have come across this technique as it is quite popular in the market currently. Many have been using the texture wall paint to bring in more adventure and fun to their home or even office.

You might be wondering what exactly is this texture wall painting?

Basically, texture wall paint is a “special effect” added to the wall, giving it a rough and gritty look that helps to add in character and to increase the rustic appeal to your walls. Do you know that, you can actually create some simple wall textured paint design using items that are common in your household?

  1. Wool/Yarn

Besides sewing your winter scarf, you can also use the wool to create interesting patterns to your wall. After applying the base paint to your wall, simply cover your paint roller with the wool. Try creating some space between the wool for a different feel. Once you are done, dip the paint roller into your favorite paint color and apply it to your wall. You will be surprise with the amazing pattern created by the wool.

Source: Pinterest

  1. Sponge

Sponge is one of the best helpers when it comes to wall painting. Besides being affordable, you can also use it to create a lot of different design. One of our favorite texture wall paint using the sponge is the rustic red brick. Forget about the wall paper when you can actually create something more realistic and just imagine feeling the texture when you run your fingers on the wall. Simply dip the sponge into the red paint and apply it to the wall. Try not to press the sponge too hard in order to create the uneven texture on the wall.

Source:  Youtube

Creator: Ratchanok Anderson


  1. Bubble Wrap

After unwrapping your glassware, remember to save the bubble wrap. Who would have guess that the bubble wrap will be useful during home painting! Cover your paint roller with the bubble wrap and secure it with heavy duty double sided tape. Dip the roller into your paint, roll it to your wall and enjoy the fun texture created on your wall.

Source: Pinterest

  1. Plastic Syringe

This is the easiest DIY wall textured paint ever! Pick a few paints and simply fill your plastic syringe with your favorite colors. Just hold the tip of the syringe against the wall you are working with and press down on the handle. Remember not to dilute the paint to create a stiff texture of the dripping paint.

Source: Pinterest

  1. Scrub

We are pretty sure that you can easily find this item in your home. After applying the paint onto your wall, simply run the scrub to the paint while it is still wet. You may create a wave texture or maybe something wilder based on your creativity!

Although it may sound easy and simple to DIY your own texture wall paint, sometimes it’s way better to just lay back and let the professional do their job. For a hassle- free and beautiful wall textured paint, try iPainter – one of the best texture wall painter in the Klang Valley. iPainter is a fully licensed and insured home and commercial painting contractor. At iPainter, you can expect the finest professional painters to work in your premise. Besides providing you with excellent workmanship, we also take care of the cleanliness while we work on your wall. If you are bored with your plain walls, speak to us and we will give your walls a new life!

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