The Ultimate Advantages of Getting Texture Wall Painting


Getting your 1st house keys is a joyful event but when it comes to renovation, it can be a tedious work. Owners need to do a lot of research for renovation ideas and to weigh the advantages of their choices. One of the most common question that often popped up is “Should I just get the wallpaper or to have the texture wall painting?”. The truth is both are good in their own ways depending on your needs.

In order to make your life simpler, we will share with you the 5 advantages of using texture wall painting for your new home or even office.

  1. Better Look

Literally, you will have to live with your walls 24/7, therefore it is very important to ensure that your wall is as good looking as you! Texture wall painting can turn the ordinary cement walls into modern-looking wall giving a total makeover to your home. If you prefer something unique, you can even create your own wall design using the paint.

  1. Covers the Defects on the Walls

it is almost impossible to have a perfectly smooth wall. If you can’t have a smooth wall, why not apply some texture and make it even more interesting! Cracks and sagging of the previous coats can be easily covered by applying the texture wall painting. This way, you will be able to conceal the flaws in the wall and adding design to your home.

  1. Longer Durability

When we talk about renovation, durability matters the most. The longer it stays, the better. Nowadays, there are ample of paint in the market that provides you protection against heat, water, fungi and even the UV ray. Therefore, by having the texture wall painting, it indirectly protects your walls against the unpredictable weather in Malaysia and also the fungi algae growth.

  1. Low Maintenance

Once you have the wall texture painting, you do not need to bother painting or coating the home for the coming few years (except, you are bored with the current design and would like a fresh look with a new trendy design).

  1. Easy Application

Wall painting is a simple task. You can easily get the Do-It-Yourselves texture paint in the market, have it applied to your wall and complete the task within the same day!

Although applying texture paint may look simple but it is somehow complicated as it requires reasonable and uniform craftsmanship.


In order to have a seamless texture finish, you can always look for iPainter as we have the best knowledge and techniques. At iPainter, you can only expect the finest and professional painters working at your premises. If you are out of idea on how to design the wall, fret not as we can always work together with you to come out with creative wall painting ideas to complement you home or even office. Besides respecting your wall’s needs, we also take care of your home cleanliness as well. Feel free to browse our website to have a brief idea on how we work and some sample of our previous designs and works. We offer consultation and quotation to all at no cost. Your satisfaction is important to us!

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